My Services

Website Development

Design and Development of small and large scale website to serve different purposes and in short provide solution to mankind.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting of already built website with a reliable hosting company and maintenance of websites in case of emergency issues or complains from customers.

My Achievements

My Certificates

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • HTML5-Basics to Advanced
  • Learn Advanced CSS3
  • CSS3 and Bootstrap for Beginners

Completed Works

  • 10 Joint Projects
  • 4 Personal Projects
  • 4 Hosted Projects

My Skills

Git & GitHub



Malik Mukhtar

Software Developer

Arimoro Ezekiel is a very good team player that is result oriented, always ready to learn and help others, outspoken and gets along exceptionally well with his colleagues


Samuel Yusuf

Software Developer

A teachable junior front-end developer who tackles challenges head-on. Ezekiel has over time proven how dynamically alert he can be to opportunities that can help him grow.


Aronimo Adedoyin

Graphics Designer

Arimoro Olamilekan Ezekiel is a trustworthy and amiable friend and he has been very dependable for has long as I've known him. He is a super coder that is good with frontend languages and how it can be used to solve real life problems. I love the fact that he loves God and is very diligent in all he does. He also loves reading. Both academic books and non-academic books. He shows concern towards the affairs of people around him and has had positive impact in people's life which I am not exempted from. Olamilekan is exceptional.